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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 20, 2009 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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crises. on behalf of all of us at the fox news channel this is mike huckabee thank you for joining us and as walter welcome to "red eye," it is like i dream of jeannie if by jeannie you mean the sweet relief of death. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pregame report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? everybody down here at america's news headquarters is raving about the huge show we have tonight or could just be a rave, this are a lot of glow sticks. the shocking conspiracy behind the throwing out of the first pitch at tuesday night's all-star game. did the pitch reach home plate and does the magic baseball theory explain a grown man throwing like a little girl. what does bill links have about hurricanes. and in doing so becoming more powerful than mother nature herself. and finally, did americans put a man on the moon in 1969.
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some say yes but those of us with secret knowledge and the ability to see upon layer upon layer of deception say no. >> andy, i have one question. why am i on a split screen when i don't see anything? >> probably behind the same conspiracy behind the moon landing. rock the belt. >> i shall rock the belt. i'm here tonight with fox producer anna gilligan. she is so hot, volcanoes flee from her when she erupts. and frangela. if hilarity were ice cream and cake kids would get them all over their faces. bill schulz, in taiwan he is a pastry. and sitting right next to me, john gibson, the john gibson, host o of the syndicated radio program the john gibson show on fox news radio at noon eastern time. if fierce commentary and good looks were whiskey i would have him on the rocks. >> i'll take a double.
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>> and you love to hit him and hate to love him, our "new york times" candidate. >> john gibson just threatened me with a cigarette lighter, greg. >> greg: really? >> you will never take me alive you silver haired fox. >> greg: all right. >> greg: he threw out the first pitch and it was hardly a touchdown. president obama is getting crap for his performance on the mound at tuesday's all-star game and rightly so o. roll tape ms. serious drewitt who rolls tape. >> greg: o well, he is definitely no famous pitcher that everyone knows. am i right. bill? >> he is all famous, greg. >> greg: and now there is talk that the white house dictated the camera angle. check out the view from the center field camera that wasn't
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broadcast. hot dogs, get your hot dogs. [ laughter ] >> greg: see, wonderful and a pro. can we see the right video, please? >> has to warm up. >> greg: you will notice the catcher saved that round thing from hiting that hard stuff by the thing over there. but viewers never saw that angle. if this isn't a conspiracy to end all conspiracies then i'm lee harvey booth. what do you make of the pitch? >> obviously he didn't grow up playing baseball and looked like a basketball shot. >> generally basketball players that is what happens. >> a lot of arch on that thing. >> greg: interesting point. i didn't think of it that way. i thought he threw like a little girl but in fact it as basketball. part of being a basketball player. >> it was a jump shot from the mound. >> greg: right. i bet you have a different
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opinion because he is a white sox fan. >> he is a white sox fan and let's get past the fact that the throw was less than stellar. he was wearing a white sox coat on national t.v. the leader of the free world. it is finally not a red but a white sox nation. this is huge, to the people of chicago. >> greg: but bill, you have to admit what he was wearing on the mound, he dresses like jerry seinfeld from the 90s. that is what jerry seinfeld wore every day. >> name one president that had any type of fashion sense besides kennedy and i don't want him getting as much tail as kennedy got. >> greg: whoa. >> i didn't see you say alleged on that. the man was a man whore. >> frangela, mariah carey got me when she came out on to the field in high heels. wasn't that beautiful? >> i think it showed her athletic prowess and she laid out a challenge to the baseball
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players. >> why don't you do it in feels. bly don't you do it in heels, people. >> greg: aren't heels just like two big cleats? >> i don't think there is much of a difference. >> anna, do you buy this conspiracy theory about the camera angles and should we investigate? should we have a vetted hearing, a committee of sorts. >> i don't think we need to go too far. but i'm not surprised that the white house is nervous because we know obama is athletic and plays basketball but he bowls a 30 which says to them he can't throw a ball straight so i think they were nervous about him throwing a ball over the plate. >> greg: i can't make fun of him because i would make a terrible pitcher. when we had the strippers at central park, watch this. that wasn't -- [ laughter ] >> that wasn't bad actually. >> greg: that was actually pretty good. that was a bad one. i actually missed the plate completely.
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>> they are certainly hitting them along. >> i thought we were watching tape of your nephew playing little league there. >> greg: i just realized i need to lose about 20 o pounds. pinch, what do you think? i think he had excellent style on grace on the mound. >> well, greg, you know, if it had to do with obama inmates' it but in a balanced way. but we got rid of the sports section two weeks ago. arts and leisure survives, though, arts and leisure survives. >> greg: from strikeout to bailout. president obama has a proposal for all the community colleges bill schulz flunked out of. the prom mils of five million new graduates by 2020 which is when bill is scheduled to leave devry. obama urged the auto workers to use education as a way of learning a new trade. obama has gone to bailout the
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american graduation initiative and promises the offer to millions of students that can't afford four year universities. i think we have to think of what kind of student this might help. frangela, don't you think -- >> what did we just see? who was that? frangela, are community -- are community colleges on the west coast, are they considered actual colleges? because where i come from they aren't. >> what they really are is they are way stations between getting out of high school and your first d.u.i. that is really the place that you. >> absolutely. >> you meet your first drinking buddies and make a lot of sexual mistakes. >> absolutely. >> that is real li what they are about.
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>> how dare you compare a ged to a dui. >> bill, you have both, don't you? >> i have several of one, greg, i won't say which. >> greg: here is my question. it was a weird situation, him talking about this when was talk together auto workers. are we essentially giving up on making cars. >> i think john mccain got in trouble for saying the jobs aren't coming back and obama said it and everybody goes i guess they are not coming back. and he gave $9 billion for grant writing so if you can write a grant you can get a lot of money. >> greg: not a lot of students but it is a lot of money. >> do you know how much trapper keepers cost now in this market? particularly the color coded ones? >> thank you. >> greg: boggles my mind. i bet you are for this because you think education is important. >> i am. you can criticize it all you want but i don't think it is ever a bad investment to invest in education. don't tell me that we wouldn't
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be better off if everyone would be better educated. >> greg: i disagree with you. this show is based on ignorance. >> five people would be unemployed if the country got smarter. >> greg: let me ask miss frangela before we move on. isn't college in a sense overrated? i mean like all the people that i know that went to college they can't do anything. they can't change tires. >> no, but you know what you can do is make up a fake name, you know what i mean, get a fake i.d. >> absolutely. >> it is very helpful for learning how to get sick and hold your hair back, all of that. >> get out of the house. >> right. >> college is important. >> i mean spring break, that is something you have to know about. >> greg: bill diagnose you learn anything in college? >> i learned how to maintain while tripping on acid halfway through socialology. the teacher never knew and believe me the teacher had eight heads. i actually did go to community
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college during summer because sort of flunked the math class during the regular year and one thing i found out about community college is all the classrooms smell like tapioca. >> greg: really? >> and not the good kind of tapioca. >> in a good way? >> first of all, it was emerson college so they were on acid, too. >> greg: that is not even a real college. okay. move on. from bailouts to. bill gates must be bored with strip evers and crystal meth. he filing a patent for giant ocean going very sells that would fight hurricanes. they would be deployed and would work by draining warm water from the ocean's surface to the depth through a long tube which simultaneously sucks water from the depth to the surface. sounds like a dude i met in rio. actually it was two todde duded it was new jersey. >> reducing or eliminating the heat driven condensation that
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fuels hurricanes. i pretend like i know what i'm talking and it would make soft serve ice cream. >> with sprinkles. >> mmmm. >> greg: the way i see this, this is what happens when you have billions of dollars and you don't have a drug habit. >> yeah, exactly. >> you know what, it also seems like he is trying to become the lex luther of our times. >> very pinky in the brain. very evil dr. know and frankly i'm scared. i don't think anybody should be able to control hurricanes. >> greg: he could decide to unleash a hurricane on somebody. >> right. when gets drunk one night and decides to do a hurricane just for fun, you know. oh, you know what would be totally funny, dude. >> let's do a hurricane. >> let's get rid of maui.
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>> like a lex luther with pleated pants and sensible shoes. >> greg: but with all that power he could do evil but is choosing to do good as long headed as it might be. >> i think it could be useful. what i think is most interesting is that the company with the brightest of the world came up with a device that is a keg fan that is fighting off mosquitoes. i don't really get why they are investing in that. >> greg: last word to you, john, i think it shows what happens when i mean when there is nothing on the planet that can make you happy we you are that rich. >> it shows you what happens if you buy a pc now, you are enabling bill gates' craziness. >> greg: the next story is going to story heaven when it dies because it has been really good. fyi, running over that hobo was totally buy accident. one in the who won in the epic
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urges teachers to emphasize that sex is not just healthy but totally pleasurable, something teens could not figure out for themselves. even has a section called an orgasm a day which encourages educators to tell teens how awesome sex and masturbation is. this has sparked opposition from some people who have the whacky idea that it might inspire teenage prom skewity. while i was reading this off the teleprompter i kept watching you guys do this the whole time. >> you know what, greg? i'm going to tell you what the problem with this is. it sets up unrealistic expectations. >> absolutely, okay. >> because as women know, if every time resulted in joy, that is okay. many result in lost panties, lost respect. >> absolutely. >> and no enjoyment. >> keep your panties on. >> keep your panties on. >> greg: i think that is the
12:17 am
exact title that a sex ed pamphlet should be. it should be keep your panties on by frangela. >> i don't know why we are letting the secret out to kids that sex is good. we tried guilt for many years. it worked. they feel horrible about it. >> greg: are we just giving up? >> yes. like the other -- >> greg: we tried to keep it from you until you were in your 20s, then we were trying to keep it from you when you were 18 or 17 and now we are saying hey, at 12, go for it? >> at 50 we are going to keep it from you again. >> greg: exactly. >> and i know where you are coming from, you went through obviously a nudist teen camp and you probably think this is awesome. >> get your mind out of the gutter. >> greg: i didn't go to the nudist teen camp. >> doesn't mean they are having sex at camp. >> is that the motto? >> greg: is that what the counselor said to you, we are
12:18 am
not going to have sex here, take off your clothes. >> it is certainly encouraged. >> we are not telling teens anything new. their hormones are telling them that sex is fun. one redeeming thing is that they tell you to be in a relationship first. >> greg: that is nice. >> that is the message that will come through. [ laughter ] >> yeah, tells 12-year-old girls date. >> suffer through some boring movies and then get in there. >> greg: frangela. >> you know what is -- there should be. frangela, you know what bothers me? you know, these teachers are getting away with murder. now, if i went up to a teen and said hey, do you know how great masturbation is, do you know how quickly i would be arrested? pretty quickly. >> you were. >> i think we know the timing it actually happened, right?
12:19 am
it was about 17 minutes as i remember. i mean we knew what you meant. you were just spreading education and not disease. >> greg: i was trying to prevent serious disease by encouraging them to masturbate in a park. >> you were trying to educate to masturbate so they don't herpiate. >> greg: bill, i bet you love this idea. >> no, i'm against children having sex, greg, cards are on the table. i will get letters. they are saying that we are teaching them that sex is enjoyable but you might want to wait to enjoy it at a proper time. that is one thing kids are really good, being patient and waiting for something. especially something they really like. >> greg: got to move on. you know what is fun? me skateboarding with my buddies at the skate park. also this story. what happened when strippers challenged "red eye" staff to a softball game?
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♪ don't you want me baby? >> greg: they g go together lie bonnie and clyde, crockett and tubbs, mustaches and corona pins. nobody ever thought to combine two of the nations greatest treasures, i'm talking about baseball and strippers. when the staff of rick's cabaret challenged the "red eye" staff to a friendly game of softball we grabbed our gloves and filled our pockets with singles. we thought we were in for a game but what ensued was an archy, carnage, destruction, implants, a ridiculous cover charge and a scare request
12:24 am
bouncer. watch and drool, watch and droolers. >> the first thing we saw was the competition. a bounce in their step and possibly in their system. they were clearly no match for us. i credit the oxycontin. >> it is the "red eye" softball game. we have been challenged by rick's cabaret strippers. we are splitting up the team half and half. i'm batting ace. >> the key to "red eye's" success is a lot of antianxiety medication, a few poppers, six shots of tequila. then we all punch out behind the trees and we are ready to go. >> we are in central park. it is really hot out and i guarantee half of the people here are majorly hung over. >> swing the bat in the right direction and then run. i will become confused and
12:25 am
disillusioned and then you can just score. >> there you go. or you can rick's. can't score because that is a different club. >> an amazing use of accessorizing what they have done with their hair and their shorts, the way they have pulled them up. i think it is an inspiration to professional baseball players. >> seems like a lot of the girls have never played before. i guess because they are russian and they don't play a lot of baseball there, mostly snow gliding which is a bizarre mix of sno snowboarding and had gliding. >> all right. okay. that is what we call a weekender. >> my guest. i know. >> andy! >> we are going to start being overly aggressive now. >> go, rick's! >> we are going to make sure that nobody gets to second base. >> i got to admit, t was all
12:26 am
fun and games until one of them tried to stab me with a home made shoe. >> i've got a stripper injury. >> are you all right? >> oh, my god your' blue. >> demy handicap i emerged victoriously like something that emerges victor yully no matter -- victoriously no matter what others have to say. >> you never touched the home plate. >> watching bill play was one of the highlights. if my highlights you mean one of the most upsetting things i've ever seen. >> hey, we got a run, dammit. >> show the team they are a bunch of cheaters. they had extra outs, extra strikes and some had implants. >> one is natural. >> really? so you are a onesie? >> technically we won. the team greg was on were allowed about five to six outs each although greg has been out
12:27 am
since 1998. i saw a good effort by the team. we weren't distracted by the things we should have been distracted from frankly because we had a lot of people from our neck of the woods. i had to tag one of the dancer's butts even though i didn't mean to. it was part of the game. >> greg: part of the game. bill, i think everybody is wondering eye black with sunglasses? >> the purpose of eye black is not as early reported to block the sun but to look cool and what is not cooler than eye block but eye block with sunglasses. the girls loved it. i had an amazing turtle but i needed to get to first with one of them. >> greg: do you know what is the the most did he pressing thing about watching that is how fat i have become. how old and fat by watching me run. >> we always do. >> greg: who actually won the game? >> i wasn't really clear. there were a lot of tropical depression -- there were a lot of runs and outs each inning
12:28 am
and none of them actually measured up to the rules of the game. >> greg: there was astrut of vomit. >> a lot of vomit. i think i slipped on o the dental dam at one point. >> i went two for two and scored twice and how did you do. you actually hit into a double play off one of my pitches. >> but that doesn't really have to do with one of your pitches. i mean if they made it over the plate we were going to hit it because they were truly pathetic. >> greg: john, has a strip club ever approached any other show at fox news to challenge them to a -- >> i think i can safely say no. you hold the record. >> greg: that makes me happy. anna, when you worked at score, did you ever have a company softball team? >> i never worked at scores. i'm terrible at softball but i'm a little hurt i wasn't invited. >> maybe next time. i think we will do volleyball and yellow. if you have a comment on the
12:29 am
show e-mail us at to leave a voice mail call 212-462-5050. and still to come, the halftime report from tv's andy levy. tonight's halftime report is sponsored by the foxtrot. the ballroom dance often said to have taken the name from its inventor vaudeville actor harry fox but its exact origins remain unclear. thanks, foxtrot. can't see and could easily ignore -- post-menopausal osteoporosis. please, don't ignore it. because osteoporosis means that over time, your bones gradually become weaker and can break more easily. see the weakness here? there is something you can do about it. call 1-800-316-4952 now for your free information kit. you'll see the difference between strong bone and osteoporotic bone, weakened and prone to fracture. you'll find ways to help reverse bone loss
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>> greg: welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. andy, did you even get a hit during sunday's softball game. >> i was one for one. read more about this in my new pamphlet famous jewish sports legends. >> as first base newsletter. >> a tiny pamphlet. >> it certainly is. >> only i could play a softball game against strippers and pull my groined a not in a good way. >> groin.s pulling your grin. >> that is not true and offensive. >> i was injured throughout the entire game, i could have used some of that clonapin. >> also, greg, the tape of you playing looks like the old film footage of babe ruth. you should have sped it up a little bit.
12:33 am
>> greg: i always thought that babe ruth was a really big guy. turns out he is just a short fat guy like me with talent. >> bill, you said technically you won and the other team got extra outs et cetera. to set the record straight you got an extra out which led to two runs and despite that we tied the game and had the go-ahead run on second base when the game was mysteriously call. >> you got a mysterious chance before you were called out. >> he was with the stripper team. >> we had too split the strippers up, there were too many. emergency the problem, too many -- imagine the problem, too many strippers. >> so obama's pitch fell a little short just like his foreign policy. >> greg: oh. >> i love this political stuff. the only thing that disturbed me about the story was the sight of our president wearing mom jeans. john, do you want to fluff this
12:34 am
off as obama being a basketball player because that is not the john gibson i know and love. >> i'm trying to be nice. >> i feel like you have been replaced by colonel sanders and i don't like this. [ laughter ] >> you know what, i knew there was something on your point. >> did is the goatee that was the evil john gibson. it's some where in his office tied up. >> he is auditioning for a roll on my face. i think it just lost. >> evil john gibson likes barack obama. >> give you a pass on some things. greg, shame on you for mocking community colleges and the people who attend them you elitist little pig. >> i love community colleges. without them i would never have had a date when i was going to my real college. >> here is the short list of people who o graduated from community college. ross per row, jackie rob binson. general max taylor. clint eastwood and tom hanks
12:35 am
who, of course, saved private ryan. why do you want private ryan to die, greg? >> greg: i don't. >> clearly yew do. >> greg: ,. >> did you say the show exists on ignorance. >> greg: i think so. >> okay. >> john, why are none of the auto jobs coming back? did we develop jetpacks when i wasn't looking? >> no, the government aided the other companies. >> i understand the jobs going away when the technology is out moded but we are still driving cars, right? >> but we are not buying them. >> if you say so, colonel. >> bill gates wants to fight hurricanes. this is one of those things you dream up when you have been doing a lot of meth or when you stop doing a lot of weed. it is one or the other. >> and sara, put that picture back up. this was part of the actual patent submission. it is a bunch of dots in the gulf of mexico. maybe they haven't thought this thing through. >> like a blindman's bulletin
12:36 am
board. >> this is literally one of the official submissions. >> if you connect all the dots, it is a middle finger. that is the last laugh, andy, that is the last laugh. >> greg: it's true. >> frangela, why do white people keep coming up with all these crazy things? >> you know what, they don't have enough to do because you get all the history, you play your golf and your baseball and you're bored. you eat too much fish sandwichs. >> and noodle salad. >> and green bean casserole and you are bored. >> there is only so much mayo to eat. >> stereo types. greg, could you pass the hummus, i'm enjoying my pita bread right now. >> if these ships work anything like windows, they will be crash, a lot. i have to ask you, frangela, what was up with spencer and high die on the celebrity get me out of me. >> thehere. >> they are helpers of the
12:37 am
devil. they bring evil forth from hell. that is their job. >> did they make you call them spidy? >> they were very happy that we didn't call them a lot of things. >> yeah. they were a little afraid of us after awhile. >> all right. >> and they should still be. [ laughter ] >> i'm done, greg. >> greg: thank you, andy. let's welcome back our guests. anna gilligan. she is so cute the pills bury doughboy likes to poke her in the tummy. and john gibson, host of the syndicated radio program the john gibson show named after him on fox news radio. if intelligence were marathon running kenyans would do him bare foot. is there a man on the moon? is the moon made of cheese?
12:38 am
did apollo 11 go there in 1969. no, no and frogs. as we approach the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing a small but vocal minority think that it was a hoax. another poll shows that the same 6% believe they are grown men living in their mom's basement and they are right on that one. frangela, are you one of the 6% that believes it as hoax. >> greg, if we don't get cordless phones that work for longer than a month. >> nd at toaster ovens always go out. >> always break. and you never had one of those pencils that never works for very long. >> and the lead keeps breaking. >> i'm saying it is a little suspect. >> what? right. >> greg: exactly. what could be the purpose of moon landing hoax? what are we truly trying to pull? >> i guess somebody is making a living out of this.
12:39 am
anybody here that was an adult when this occurred other than me? i saw it. >> i was four years old, i think. >> i was negative six. >> i don't think that was what we were talking about. >> anna was in a nude camp. >> i watched the thing. i mean i can't believe this. how would so many people keep that hoax a secret? >> greg: exactly. that is the problem. >> i think this is evidence that we need more community colleges. people are going to come up with crazy theories with no logic behind them. >> that was a great callback. >> greg: , bill, why don't we come up with better conspiracies or i'm sorry better hoaxes like planning of an army of robots and showing footage of that to scare people. the moon landing doesn't scare anybody. >> are you saying that the last five stories we did on "red eye" were hoax, greg? we have been robot centric this week. but the poor guy that they industry viewed, the one that hit buzz aldridge in the face. >> the other way around. buzz aldridge hit him. >> don't want to mess with buzz. he got kicked out of his church
12:40 am
and lost visitation rights with his kids. his life has become a nightmare because he is pursuing this term. all of this sounds correct because my yeddes in central park caused similar dismay. >> greg: frangela did you have any conspiracies that you really believe in truly? >> we are not sure that you guys exist. we think it is something that happens at happy hour in our minds. >> good time and you are so sexy. >> must be fake then. >> except for the talking paper, he exists. >> thank you, free choice act, always a pleasure. congratulations on the new show and please come back. coming up next another visit from mark prendell. he will tell us what might be[a the future of rock and roll. and, yes, it rhymes with the
12:41 am
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>> greg: the beatles were secret chance american. the zoos just goo goo with better drums. bob dylon, banana rama in drag. let's welcome prolific album reviewer behind mark he knows bono like i know mono. don't worry, i don't think i'm contagious any more.
12:44 am
welcome mark. >> thank you for having me back on the television. >> greg: always a pressure to have you back on t.v. saves time. justin timberlake is getting ready to hope his own golf course in tennessee. what is your take on this. >> reminds me of a funny joke? >> knock, knock. >> greg: who is there? >> justin. >> justin who? >> justin capable of writing a good song. i followed his career very closely since he was in menudo. he is a funny guy and he can dance. but he is god awful, his music is so awful. if this golf course thing keeps him out of studio, i'm all for it. >> greg: it was designed to be eco friendly. what does this mean? >> first of all, i guess it won't have the smoke stacks that you find on most golf courses and also i'm told that
12:45 am
eco will have its own designated green area which i think is a really nice special thing. >> greg: a really nice actual thing. great. he also is interested in writing a golf focus memoir. were you aware that he was such a fan of the sport? >> it is not just golf. justin timberlake has his fingers in a lot of different things including janet jackson's wardrobe if you know what i mean. that was hilarious five years ago and hilarious today. >> greg: is he peddling colon? >> it is called [ bleep ]? a box. no, it is da vinci is what he does. >> greg: take a look at the interesting concert tours coming up this summer. bob dylon, willie nelson and john cougar mellencamp are all embarking on a tour of minor league baseball parks. >> apparently bob dylon and
12:46 am
willie nelson have done this before. what makes this year super special is that there will be minor league games taking place while they are play jag, they have willie nelson between home plate and the catcher. the guy is like 800. >> greg: i think you are making this up. >> no, without the beard he is just a corpse. >> greg: shouldn't they be a bit concerned about conducting grueling tours at their ages? are you all right there? >> oh, yeah, i'm just enjoying some water. what were you saying? >> greg: aren't you worried about their health? [ laughter ] >> i can't enjoy some water? >> greg: but enjoy the water before or after the segment. >> but you would have missed migrate joke, the great joke was going to do for you. go ahead, finish your question. >> greg: i'm going actually move on. i want to talk about blair and marilyn manson touring together. that is awesome or is it not
12:47 am
awesome. >> blair is awesome. marilyn manson is -- >> greg: yeah. >> do you like marilyn manson? >> greg: no, i don't. i'm a big slayer fan. i'm earn joying the idea of slayer fans and marilyn manson fans getting together. >> why did marilyn manson get on this thing -- that is a question i should have asked myself before coming on. >> greg: with 2009 now half over have you heard any potential candidates for best album of the year? >> best album of the year so far is ox but i think i may have discovered something last night that is even better. do we have a clip? ♪
12:48 am
>> greg: what are they doing and why do they look like fat glen dancers. >> this is a band called attack attack and their song stick stickley. they are big on rendition. it is called crab corps because they do this dance where their legs are apart and they are bouncing up and down and shaking their heads. it was written up in the guardian on and a blog called buddy head. believe me, watch the entire video if you can on you tube or something because it is abominabl. >> and they attack so many different tiles at the same time. really amazing. are they the future of rock and roll? >> crab corps may be. everyone is just dancing around like they are taking a dump. >> greg: all right, mark, we got to go. thank you so much. see you real seen. excellent record reviews there or cds or whatever you call them. coming up next, your e-mails
12:49 am
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or go to our website. i'll see you at 3:00! announcer: captioned telephone - enjoy the phone again! >> greg: just getting the first swimming lesson at pittsburgh zoo. after week laugh, mom guides the little fellow back to the beach. the pair would repeat the process over and over until the pups can manage on its own. this is how i learned to swim except in my case the sea lion was actually ricky martin. the packages have arrived. stack them out back with the other things on the trampoline. the address is you write, i read and then we beat the crap out of each other.
12:53 am
>> greg: david, i would normally take your comment seriously although i'm fairly certain someone put you up to this, probably the jews or andy, he is a jew. someone who didn't leave a name or town writes bill doesn't look like a jonas brother as much as the younger gay brother of the wires dominik west. >> why the extra description. >> he actually didn't say that, i put that in there. an exceptionally good point. show a shot of bill and one of dominik west? bill, i got to ask you, does it bother you that you look like someone so much but he is so much more successful than you are and probably makes love to a number of different starlets every night? >> you know what, i may not have healthcare or vacation days in my so-called contract but i got one thing that that greasy little limey probably doesn't have and that is
12:54 am
happiness. there were a lot of tears behind tha buck toothed smile f his, greg. >> greg: he does look really unhappy. >> he does. that is a substance related happiness. i'm stone cold sober. >> greg: yeah, right. i apologize to all you britts out there. >> they don't watch us any more. >> greg: that is true. anita from texas writes i turned 18. for my birthday present i want you and andy in my bed wearing nothing but birthday clothes, please and thank you. it is quite a birthday present. you want andy and me in your bed naked except for a bow. i say hell, yes, it as done deal. where will you be sleeping because andy and i do value our privacy. great birthday gift, though. >> everyone wins. >> greg: and bryan with a y writes love the show. passing out a little info on america's running with the bull.
12:55 am
couple of guys in arizona or nevada tried having it and though thought it would be huge but in the end it was more like "red eye." funny to the few who see it. while your information was useful, it was entirely unnecessary to end your letter with a jab of the show. you do win letter of the night and for that you will receive a how many made snack made by me. i call it nature's breadsticks. we will closeup with the wrapup from tv's andy levy. and to see clips of recent shows head over to fox
12:56 am
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12:58 am
satisfaction guaranteed. >> greg: coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye," return appearances from fox news political columnist andrea. a delight. the greg wilson joins us in studio, a first time. and washington times reporter and blogger, amanda carpenter. time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrapup. john, how is the book coming? >> it's done. >> excellent. >> at thanksgiving. i have a draft copy for you, andy. >> what is your title? >> how the left swift voted america. >> do you divulge the secret recipe? >> yes, do i. lie, lie, lie. >> is there a patch of cinnamon in the respondersty. >> anna, when you are focused on your career it is easy to
12:59 am
lose balance in your life so how can you be a happy and healthy person by the time you get that corner office. >> you have to focus on other things. you are not a single guy living with cats getting highlights. >> wow. >> the one problem with the whole thing, i don't have an office, let alone a corner office. >> i could speak for him. we have to share a desk. >> yeah. >> bill, anything special happen on fox strategy room today? >> andy, you going to wake my carrot baby. indeed, i was into the final forum for the favorite strategy room guest. and i lost to k.t. mcfarland. >> maybe you should show people. >> there it is. >> there you go. >> i would like to thank everyone that voted for me. i believe we have some tape if we want to go to it. >> we don't, bill. >> i know we do have tape. >> no ney. >> unbelievable. >> and we have to go.


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